Virat consistent because he ‘grabs his opportunities’ – Dhoni

Virat consistent because he 'grabs his opportunities' - Dhoni |
MS Dhoni has said that Virat Kohli’s ability to capitalize on the opportunities given by the team management sets him apart from many other players.

“Virat is somebody who is very different if you compare him to someone like a Rohit Sharma or a Yuvraj Singh or Suresh Raina,” Dhoni said. “That is how the character of the side builds. He has done fantastically well in the last few years. I feel he has been someone who has grabbed the opportunity to the best potential he had. Because more often than not you will see individuals, if they get five games they will say, ‘If I had two more games I would have done something’. But you see Virat, the very first game he gets as an opportunity, he grabs it with both hands.”

Source: India v Sri Lanka, World T20, final, Mirpur : Virat consistent because he ‘grabs his opportunities’ – Dhoni | Cricket News | World T20 | ESPN Cricinfo

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